How Nutritional Therapy can benefit YOU.

Do you feel …

  • Tired, fuzzy headed and lethargic?
  • Moody, Bloated and uncomfortable?
  • You are battling with excess weight?
  • Overwhelmed with diet information?
  • You are ready to lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • You are ready to discover your body’s needs?

If the answer to any of the above is YES then contact Dawn TODAY to discuss how she can help you.

These days we all have busy lives and our diet and nutrition often takes a back seat. Bad habits are formed and our health suffers. Small changes in your diet can lead to big changes in your health!

Nutritional therapy may help with the following:

  • You will feel less stress
  • Raising your energy levels.
  • Detoxing and ridding body of waste
  • Optimising your immune system
  • Supporting your female life stages
  • Supporting your healthy ageing
  • Optimising your digestive health
  • Managing your healthy weight loss or weight gain
  • Optimising your existing good health
  • Supporting your hormonal balance
  • Assisting your emotional & psychological wellbeing
  • Supporting your healthy blood sugar balance
  • Assisting with your allergy and food intolerances
  • Supporting and improve your skin condition
  • Supporting your health challenges e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Diabetes type 2,

Often when Dawn’s clients begin their coaching, they are not feeling 100% but have got used to feeling that way, they accept it, and not fully understanding and sometimes not considering the benefit good nutrition can have.

With the right information, ideas and support, you can change the habits that keep you locked into not enjoying the WELLNESS YOU DESERVE. If it all feels like a huge task ahead…Don’t Worry! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Dawn will walk you painlessly through the process to Wellness and Vitality. She has been there herself and totally understands how you are feeling and what needs to change today.

If you would like  to book an appointment to find out more about nutritional therapy…

Call Dawn on 01452 617221 or email her at


Nutritional therapy is a complementary practice working alongside your GP or current health provider