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Carolin Critchly

I joined the Fresh Start Challenge initially, which was encouraging and motivating. I realised I had to stop with my excuses to change the bad habits which were more and more creeping in. The FSC was an easy start to begin to focus on small changes and it was the ideal basis to then follow with Dawn’s Drop A Dress Size Programme. I would lie if I said that week was a walk in the park, but after 3 days I had lost 6cm and about 2 kg. After 6 days I lost ~10cm/ 3kg. Since then I have stood to my new habits of eating and exercising. And despite holidays, business travel, the odd curry night I have now lost almost 5kg! I’m very grateful for Dawn’s expertise and support, and the fun she incorporates in her programmes. I would recommend her programmes to anybody who likes to take control over themselves again. I’m a much slimmer, fitter and happier me!

Emma Lavender

Drop a Dress Size

Over the Easter break I did the ‘Drop a Dress Size’ plan. I was losing a pound a day over the holiday, but when I got back to work I found it a little more challenging to follow the plan exactly.

I lost 4.5 lbs in total and I know it works.

I will do it again soon, and make vegetable and fruit smoothies which will be a lot easier to eat during my mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Eating small and often, stopped me snacking in the evening. Too many of us snack or eat till we are stuffed and then feel guilty afterwards. I found eating smaller portions and more often kept my energy topped up, and hunger at bay, whilst feeling guilt free and working towards a healthy me.

Claire McGill

I had real issues with sluggishness and my gut and had become overwhelmed with all the diet and nutrition advice out there. Dawn helped me understand which foods to avoid for a while, and gave me real insight about what foods will be best for my body, age and sensitivities. As I undertook her nutrition plan, I noticed a real increase in energy, my skin was better, and I felt glowing with health! I now adopt this plan full-time and am now able to add in some of the foods that my body had become intolerant too, which works for me. I eat pretty much everything, and enjoy this well-balanced and nutritious diet plan.

Louise Jenner

Fresh Start Challenge

I really enjoyed myself on the Fresh Start Challenge. Thinking about what I was putting inside my body and how often I was moving felt like a really important and simple way to take care of myself. Being supported, encouraged and inspired by Dawn and the other members helped to keep my focus too. I now drink more water than I’ve ever done and I know how many steps I do on an average dog-walk. My diet has always been pretty good but I’m also more aware of the importance of not skipping meals and of ensuring that I have some protein at each meal-time.

You know what they say: You don’t know what you don’t know! I’d recommend joining the Fresh Start Challenge because you will learn something new and be given the support you need to achieve your health goals.


Rhonda Morris

Fresh Start Solution

I just wanted to say thank you for organising the Fresh Start Solution 30-day challenge – I didn’t weigh myself at start and haven’t weighed myself at the end; however, I feel better in myself and see less of me and my clothes fit nicely and comfortably (actually nearing needing smaller trousers).

I loved the advice and my favourite is the sassy water recipe which I drink daily – love love love it.


Kathryn Allison

Drop a Dress Size

I needed to lose some weight, as six years on that twin baby tummy was still there. I met Dawn who is an engaging, kind and knowledgeable person in what she promotes through Mode de Vie, Drop a Dress Size. I decided to give it a go.

I  completed the questionnaire and Dawn then sent through the recipe and exercise plan for the week ahead. It looked a little bit daunting, but chatting it through with Dawn, helped enormously. The day before I was to begin the plan, I visited the shops, bought the food as per the plan and even tried on ‘that’ jacket that had been sitting in my wardrobe for years, BK (before kids) – the buttons would not do up at the front…..

Each day, I followed the recipe plan and Dawn rang me each day to check how I was doing, how I was feeling and her supportive, warm nature was incredibly encouraging. Through the combination of the plan, hard work and daily support from Dawn, the day before I was due to complete the week’s plan I tried on ‘that’ jacket. Every button amazingly could be done up and it fitted well! Hurray!

In addition, my energy levels soared and the psoriasis I had been experiencing since stopping breast feeding (6 years ago) vanished and has not come back. I can highly recommend the Drop a Dress Size plan – it is not a quick fix and is not a fad diet. It is a responsible, sensible approach to losing weight and since that week, the weight has stayed off.

Thank you Dawn.


Bronwen Morgan

Drop a Dress Size

I am active and fit as I am a Yoga therapist and teacher, however, since my menopause, I had started to put on weight. Although I eat healthily and exercise regularly the weight kept creeping up and I got to the point where my clothes were tight and I knew I needed some help.

I had a discovery call with Dawn. She helped me to understand that my metabolism had slowed down and that I wasn’t fuelling my body correctly. She advised me to do her Drop a Dress Size plan, which I did.

As a consequence I have lost 7lbs and 7 ½ inches overall and maintained it over the last few months. I realise that even with the knowledge I have as an instructor I still needed the help and support of another expert.

The knowledge I have gained working with Dawn will last me a lifetime as I now fully understand how to feed my body properly. With the small changes that have been made I can continue to keep on track.

Dawn is so supportive and knowledgeable she makes you feel comfortable at the same time as being motivating and she certainly gets results.

Thank you Dawn.

Helen Hayes
Forest of Dean

Drop a Dress Size

The Drop a Dress Size Plan really worked for me.  To lose weight I HAVE to be in the right-mind set and having an initial consultation with Dawn was the start of that process.  I started a food diary, sorted out my snacking and increased my water intake  – these were the ‘baby steps’ if you like.

A few weeks on, I felt ready to take on the Drop a Dress Size programme – it’s pretty intense and you do need to prepare in advance but it is only for a week and I was prepared mentally by that stage.

It was the real kick start I needed, the initial weight loss gives you a real boost and now my eating is more controlled than it has ever been and for when I feel myself slipping I know that Dawn will be there to get me back on track.


Carol Bridgman

Drop a Dress Size

I’ve tried many diets in the past, but have been very frustrated with the slow results and have felt hungry and unsatisfied with the food on offer. I therefore couldn’t wait for them to be over and would go straight back to my old habits once the designated period was over and subsequently put back on the weight that I’d lost!

The drop a dress size plan was very different; it’s tailored to your body type so you get a unique plan according to what your body needs. I found the food extremely tasty so didn’t get bored with what I was eating and the eating schedule meant that I felt I was constantly eating; in fact I struggled to eat everything on the plan – I was therefore never hungry. Even though the plan is very well put together and therefore easy to follow it was nice to know that Dawn was just at the end of the telephone if I had any problems or concerns and she checked in with me every few days to see how I was getting on.

Despite not keeping exactly to the plan, because of the amount of food, I lost 4lb in one week, which I’m absolutely thrilled with – it’s the most I’ve ever lost in one week. I’ve only just finished the initial week but feel that I’ve learned a lot about my body and the best foods to fuel it with which will really help me to make better food choices in the future.

All in all, a very easy and satisfying plan to follow with the added support of Dawn at the end of the telephone so you feel really supported and topped off with excellent results. I would certainly recommend this plan and would not hesitate to use Dawn’s services again in the future.


Lis McDermott

Drop a Dress Size

Poor Dawn had to put up with me moaning about the foods I didn’t like, the fact I don’t batch cook, don’t freeze, didn’t want to eat so much during the day! In fact a real pain. Bless her, she was amazing, SO supportive and not at all nagging or sounding impatient. Despite my moans, I kept to the plan in my way, but sticking to the foods and drinks suggested.

What a SUCCESS! I started at 13st 13 today I’m 13 stone 7 and a quarter! I have lost 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my waist, and an inch on my hips.

I can now get back into my size 16 jeans!! I’m most pleased about the weight loss the change in sizes I’m not so worried about, because that will get better. The main thing is that I feel better.

So thank you Dawn for the support and encouragement!

tonys photo

Tony Clarke

Health Eating Plan

I decided to join my partner when she did Dawn’s Drop a dress size. I knew I needed to do something as I had put so much weight on over the years.

I did the week and noticed that I had lost about 4 or 5 lbs, as I thought it was a good start, I did it for another week. I then continued on Dawn’s weight maintenance plan.

Overall, I lost 6 inches and 7lbs in the first two weeks.

What the plan taught me was how I needed to look at portion size. I was overeating because I didn’t realise. I have continued to eat sensibly and stick to Dawn’s maintenance plan.

It has been 6 months now and I have continued to lose weight. I was 15st 7lb when I started and I now weigh 13 st 7lb. A total loss of 2 stones. I would never have believed I could stick to a programme but it was easy and I was never hungry.

I would like to lose one more stone, so I will continue to do what I’m doing and I will get there. I think it’s important to have a goal but not be too worried if it takes a bit longer.

Thank you Dawn for all your support and help. I highly recommend this programme as a sensible way to lose and maintain your weight and your health.


Health Eating Plan

I was very pleased with the advice Dawn gave me for my eating plan.

It worked and I lost around 10lbs initially, and have been able to continue eating properly after the initial week.

Alex Patchett-Joyce

Drop a Dress Size

I started Drop a Dress Size as I wanted to lose some weight and kick start my metabolism.

Dawn offers comforting support and help during the challenging part of the diet. She keeps you on target and focussed. I lost 6lbs in one week.

Thank you Dawn.

Hetty Verney

Drop a Dress Size

I did the Drop a Dress Size on 31st May for 6 days, I lost a total of 5 ½ lbs and 3.5 inches, since then I have kept all the weight off and lost a bit more as well, thank you so much for helping me sort out my metabolism and getting me started. Thanks so much, Dawn.


Serena Gay

Drop a Dress Size

Dawn’s “Drop a Dress Size” programme really works if you follow it properly. You never feel hungry!

I was impressed by Dawn’s commitment and passionate involvement with her customers. Somehow, she manages to motivate without pressurising and the bonus was I lost 5lbs.

Definitely recommend!

helen eade


helen 3

helen eade bikini

Helen Eade

Drop a Dress Size

I decided to start Dawn’s drop a dress size plan after I put on a few extra pounds over Christmas and needed to kick start some healthy eating habits.

I was encouraged to drink more water and eat a variety of foods on the plan. I never once felt hungry and there was always an interesting meal to look forward too. My energy levels in the day increased and I was having a good balance of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and carbs. A

After just 7 days on the plan I lost 7lbs and fitted comfortably into my size 10 dress, I don’t feel as bloated and have more regular bowel movement.

I will continue getting advice from Dawn as I am satisfied by her knowledge and expertise and want to change my eating habits long term. I’m only looking to lose another half to 1 stone and am confident this can be achieved safely with Dawn.

Weight: Start 11.5  /  End 10.12
Dress size: Start: 12  /  End: 10/12

Helen is doing so well another week following on from Drop a Dress Size she is now on the next STEP of the plan.

I’m chuffed to bits- reached an amazing weight, losing nearly a stone through eating sensibly on Drop a Dress Size and the Next Step of the plan and lots of walking.

Thank you to Dawn Swinley. I’m not denying myself the food I love. Thanks for making me happy and healthy again….

My stomach is the flattest it’s been in over a year.

The healthy eating/nutrition coaching, exercise plan is starting to show remarkable results.

If you are looking for a nutritionist or someone to just steer you in the right direction of a more healthy way of eating I’d highly recommend.

‘CheltenhamTristan commented today “Helen your jeans are hanging off you. Feeling happy.”‘

You will NEVER see me in a bikini! (Until now)

Wow what can I say…I’ve been on a journey, a journey which has not only made my inner confidence shine through, helped me ditch the bloated-ness but also restored my health.

Before I met Dawn I was struggling to get up I’m the morning, my skin was flakey and I had a serious lack of energy! She showed me a diet lifestyle that could not only be fitted perfectly around my busy schedule but was also flexible to my needs.

5 months later and I’ve dropped two dress sizes and a whopping 1 and a half stone! No this isn’t another fad diet – it didn’t happen overnight, but what can I say I’m chuffed to bits.

Andonette Wilkinson

Drop a Dress Size

I approached Dawn about her drop a dress size plan. I run a digital marketing agency & I have quite a sit down job.

Working full time and having a young family means I rarely pay enough attention to eating properly, so having a plan written out for me that I could stick to for that initial period without thinking about it was a huge plus point for me. The promise of no pills, potions, shakes or fad diets had appeal as I have tried them all, and I don’t stick at them for more than a couple of week.

The weekly meal plan provided exactly that, simple balanced nutrition aimed at boosting my weight loss in the first week. I lost 7lbs & since my husband is the same metabolic type as me, he joined me and lost 12! – the first time I have ever followed any plan where I didn’t cheat – mainly because I wasn’t hungry and had no cravings – it was also good having a daily contact with Dawn as it stopped me straying, just knowing someone was looking out for you.

I have around 20lbs more weight I want to lose, & I am looking forward to carrying on after this initial phase. – I already feel much better & have a lot more energy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start making some lifestyle changes & change their eating habits for good, it’s not a fad or quick fix & it’s aimed at getting you on track for the long term.

Karen Hensman

Food Intoloreance Testing / Drop a Dress Size

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Dawn. I had some food intolerance testing carried out and followed her drop a dress size plan for one week and lost a massive 12lb and almost cured my eczema in one week!

Dawn was really understanding, doesn’t judge and just wants to help rather than criticise. This is a massive difference to what I was getting from the NHS in relation to solving my eczema.

A big THANK YOU Dawn!


Carie Lyndene

Getting Back on Track

After a long period of stress and the loss of a loved one, my health and energy were severely affected. I was exhausted and was suffering constantly from a sore throat and flu like symptoms not to mention the unwanted weight gain.

I was at the end of my tether when I had a wellness evaluation from Dawn. Wow did this give me a whole new perspective on my health. I was horrified I had a metabolic age of 15 years older than my actual age. Talk about a wakeup call! I knew I had to do to make changes in my life. Intellectually I knew what I needed to do but it was in the practical day to day aspect I was struggling.

Dawn was fantastic helping me look at all the areas I could support my health through nutrition the easy way. She even helped me look at planning healthy family meals which we could all enjoy without breaking the bank or not having to change everything TOO radically. Simple easy to follow tips made all the difference.

Three months down the line and I feel like a new woman. My weight is slowly returning to normal but the difference in my health and how I feel, is extra ordinary.

However the big change has come from the inside. Now my body craves fresh healthy food as opposed to the sugar and coffee cravings I once was ruled by.

I have started the year 8 lbs lighter and I am feeling amazing.

Thank you Dawn, you may have just saved my life!

Karin Whittakers_Web

Karin Whittaker,
Forest of Dean

1 to 1 Consultation

Thank you Dawn for really useful information about nutrition and how the body uses it – I am making use of your tips and suggestions.

Very highly recommended!

linda hartley

Linda Hartley,

1 to 1 Consultation

After having my private coaching session with Dawn, she confirmed what I secretly knew 🙁

However, the good news was she did give me some great ideas on how to get back on track and sort myself out!

A new “me” is not going to happen overnight but it is happening in bite-sized, sustainable pieces with Dawn’s help!

Thanks Dawn.


 Cindy Davis,

Drop A Dress Size

I was exhibiting at the recent Healthy Life Expo in Gloucester and I went along to Dawn’s talk, which was about her Drop a Dress Size programme. I was very sceptical about diets, having done every kind you can think of over the years with no lasting change, and so a couple of years ago I decided ‘no more’.  My weight had slowly crept up since then, and hadn’t really been my focus as I had other stuff to deal with, but now that things were on the up, I felt like it was time to get that part of my life sorted too.

What intrigued me the most was that Dawn was saying I’d be eating more food than I did normally, wouldn’t feel hungry and would have tons of energy.  Also the promise of dropping a dress size in just one week was a great hook!  So I signed up.

After I completed a simple questionnaire to determine my body type, Dawn sent me a customised eating plan for the coming week.  She advised me to cook ahead and plan as much as possible, to make it a really easy process.

I followed Dawn’s instructions exactly and after a few days I started to find it much easier to fit the plan into my life.  It was great to get a call from Dawn every now and then as an extra boost to my will power and so I could ask any questions that had come up.

I was amazed by how much I was eating and could (and still can) often be heard saying “Oh, it’s time to eat again!”

Within the first two days I started to feel much more energetic, to the point where I signed up for weekly Pilates and Yoga classes!  I also started to notice some of my lumps and bumps beginning to melt away.  I was tempted to measure myself so I just checked my waist  – 1 inch off after just two days!  This spurred me on to complete the week with ease.

So I got to the end of my 7 day plan and I now have the blueprint for the foods MY body likes to operate on, a body that is a dress size smaller and more energy than I’ve had in years.  If you’re on the fence about whether to do Drop a Dress Size or not, why not give it a go?  You’ve got nothing to lose except inches!

Here are my inch losses:

  • Chest: 1 inch
  • Waist: 3 inches (yes 3 whole inches in a week!)
  • Hips: 1.5 inches
  • Thigh: 0.5 inch
  • Upper Arm: 0.75 inch
  • Clothing size: the dress I bought for the Expo was a 14-16 but was skin tight when I wore it.  I put it on at the end of my Drop a Dress Size week and it is comfortably loose – I’d say it fits perfectly now.  Not for long though as it will soon be baggy!

PS I don’t weigh myself so no idea how much weight I’ve lost in pounds, but I do know it’s the most I’ve ever lost in a week on any kind of plan.

Thank you Dawn Swinley for introducing me to this way of eating that totally suits MY body and makes me feel so bouncy!

However, the good news was she did give me some great ideas on how to get back on track and sort myself out!

A new “me” is not going to happen overnight but it is happening in bite-sized, sustainable pieces with Dawn’s help! Thanks Dawn.

Toni Cresswell,

10 Weeks to 10 Years Younger

Dawn has been an inspiration, she has opened my eyes to the importance of healthy living, she has a very professional and friendly approach.

Under her guidance I have made small changes to my everyday lifestyle and feel so much fitter and heathier, I have more energy and have lost not only a few years off my age but a few pounds as well.

Extremely happy with my results. 


Jo-Anne Hale

Intolerance Testing

I had a private consultation with Dawn as I struggle with undiagnosed aches, pains and other symptoms and wondered if anything in my diet was contributing to the problem.

Very professional, down to earth and friendly too, Dawn was thorough in her evaluation of my health and nutritional needs (she really knows her “food-stuff”!) and was also keen to help me save money as regards more in-depth analysis with lab tests on a hair sample I gave her to send off.

She has since done more research for me based on the results that came back and provided more dietary and supplement recommendations. I feel confident in her abilities and love her positive attitude and desire to help her clients achieve their goals.

I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing where this journey takes us!

Emma Levings,

Tired of trying fad diets and then piling the pounds back on (plus extra each time) when I tried to eat “normally” I was desperate to find a way of eating that was sustainable, practical and that worked for me.

When I came across Dawn’s website I was really curious.

I feel like I’m educating myself finally at the grand old age of 42 on how to eat healthily, regularly and I have found a new way of approaching my overall wellbeing.

This plan isn’t just about weight and inch loss (although I did benefit from both) it’s about feeling better in yourself. I now have bags of energy and am not getting the energy slumps I used to experience at different times in the day.

The seven day plan was certainly a journey as with anything that is a new way of living but with Dawns daily support and guidance I stayed on track and stuck with it!

I’m now really excited about the longer term plan and at seeing further inch and weight loss as I feel like I’ve got into my stride and can’t wait to experience further health benefits.

I highly recommend you try this – what have you got to lose other than pounds and inches by trying this plan?!

Nikki Browning,

For me it was not about losing weight but eating healthier.  Dawn and Mode de Vie helped me understand how different foods affect your body.  It has now changed my attitude to what I eat.

Nina Miriam Sell

Really like your website Dawn! Great advice, tips and ideas on health and wellbeing. Fabulous!!!